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  • City sofia, antwerpen, tallinn
  • Country Bulgaria, Belgium, Estonia
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My name is Ashton. I am a puppet actress and a professional living statue. I made my first living statue street act "The Baker" some years ago and started performing around Europe. The Baker was very well-received. One 3th prize and one 1st prize. Which inspired me to create another act in the following year. Hence in 2012 was born “Kiro, the Postman”, so far my most successful personage. Kiro won 2 first prizes at different living statues festivals in Europe. My next act from 2013 is called "Granny Nadka" and she is a lovely elderly lady, till now she got a 2nd prize. Recently, Now is ready my Devilicious act. She is a sweet little girl, expressing the sweet devil side of her own character in a good sweet way. Till now she had a 4th prize. I have created all my acts myself and a special help from a scenographer. I have chosen such characters that interact with the audience but are also special to me. My performance needs to be interesting, give opportunity for instant feedback from the audience and offer surprises. Finally - the public loves it and I am satisfied.

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