Advertisement Questions & Answers

I made an error in my review, can I still adjust or delete my review ?

No, you nor the publisher of the ad you reviewed can modify your review. You can contact the owner of the ad by using the contact form on the left side of the ad and tell him or her you made an error in your review.

The owner can then decide to delete this ad or leave it on line.

In which directory should I publish my ad ?

After you have added the title and description, just below you will see “Publish my Ad in …”
Think carefully under which directory your ad belongs, Giwees has 8 directory options available
1. Events
2. Exhibitors
3. Jobs
4. Organizers
5. People
6. Products
7. Services
8. Visitors from
Click on one of these 8 directories and just below your selection you will see a new subdirectory saying “Publish my Ad in …”, select the sub directory for your new ad.
If you don’t see a sub directory that matches your ad, you can select another one of the 8 directories mentioned above and check if you find a suitable sub directory for your ad.
If your ad does not match any of the directories or sub directories, please go to the contact form and send us your comments, Giwees staff will reply asap.
Next to your sub directory drop down menu you see “Enable Reviews”, Yes or No ?
Giwees strongly recommend that you allow reviews. Ads with good reviews will bring you more customers and visitors.

General Questions & Answers

What is Giwees ?

Giwees is one single worldwide platform for all people working in and for the event and exhibition industry, introduce on Giwees your company, event, exhibition, product or service worldwide.

Price Questions & Answers

Is Giwees Free ?

This is a free service offered by Giwees to promote your business on a national and international platform.

Registration Questions & Answers

How do I register my company in your network ?

Go to and click the “short presentation” link, a new window with guidelines will open and give you step by step instructions how to register and how to login.

It takes less than 5 minutes to complete your registration, check your email and log in with your new username and password.

Search Questions & Answers

How to I find a partner in … ?

Go to and

• Type under LOCATIONS the city or country you are looking for partners and
• Choose the DISTANCE FROM LOCATION up to 300 miles and
• Click Search

Yes, I want to receive instant updates on new events, products, services, ...