Trends in event promotion and marketing

Event industry is in a state of evolution. The past few years has seen the rise of social media and new technology tools increased the attention paid to engagement and bigger demands from event sponsors. Now, this new trends in event marketing has become popular.

Promotion is the part of an event’s success. An effective event promotional campaign provides the maximum benefits to the organization.

Social media is now one of the most important tools for event planner and marketer who can use it to advertise the information about events, interact with attendees, request feedback, and create year-round engagement with a target audience. Additionally, new apps and new technology have made it easier for event and meeting with the planners to extend the life of their gatherings and even measure return on investment.

The Event Promotion and Management Services industry is one which has grown at a steady rate over the past five years. It helps the businessmen to fulfill the higher downstream demand from a wide range of businesses, industries and households. These include industry associations whose host conferences for member organizations, and government departments. They hold the exhibitions for communities, music concerts and major sporting events. Each of these markets requires event promotion and management services which are provided by the industry. For this way, industry revenue is projected to increase at a compound annual rate over the five years. This includes an increase in the current year as their demand.

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