Know how to name your event

Choosing your event name is very important as it should instantly impact your audience. Naming gets even more complex when you think the absolute amount of things to do in your relevant area. First of all you need to do a little homework before starting the naming process of your event. You need to do research about your audience and competitors. After this you can consider the following important points.

  • What is your event about and what are trying to achieve?
  • What do you want to accentuate about your event and what is the central idea? And what should the meaning of its name explain?
  • How do you want to make your event different from others?
  • What are the names used for other events in your category?

Right words out of the vocabulary

Attendees may already aware the meaning of these words. But you should look for unusual but something appropriate.


Many times the best answer is the most obvious one. Such names clearly suggests what your event is all about.

Words unique to you event

It is also a good idea to find event names with cultural and history background.

Vet the name

Depending how big your event is, your legal representative has some issues to check. Vetting the name involves performing trademark screening, doing a linguistic analysis and determining cultural fits. Has the name already been used and does it work culturally with the target attendees?

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